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Sheffield Shoot Out / Workshop

At the beginning of this year I came across a workshop on Facebook for photographers who wanted to basically learn more when it came to wedding photography whether this be how to build your business, learn new skills or gain some beautiful photographs, Initially I found it as I have had a huge photography crush on the insanely talented Rosie Hardy since the start of my photography dream and had seen that she was infact going to be 'speaking' at the workshop. Of course I instantly paid my deposit and before I knew it, it was April and I was driving to Sheffield on my own nervous as anything and unsure what to expect. Without going into detail of the whole day it was absolutely one of the best things I have ever done, I met some amazing people some of which I now call friends, it was brilliant to see how other photographers worked and gave me that kick up the butt that I needed. Anyway, following on from the workshop, over this past year I have now become part of what I guess you would call a network of other photographers - which has been AMAZING and I have definitely been living under a rock for some time. During this year I came across the lovely Shelley Richmond, another talented photographer who had organised a ladies evening for photographers and established female photographers who spoke about their journeys and how they got to where they are today.

Shelley organised a 'Sheffield Shoot Out' workshop a couple of weeks ago which I attended and met more amazing people, we went out on the streets of Sheffield of course getting a lot of strange looks whilst a group of 30+ of us photographed one of the models. Here are a few shots from the day..........

Shout out to - Shelley Richmond for organising the whole day! Models | Sofia Sparkles, Alice Sweeny & Tia Lydon

HMUA | Jenn Edwards | Gypsy. Rose Salon | Izzy Grace-Rose Lindley

Florals | Campbell's Flowers

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